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The only negative we have actually discovered to using protectors is that they’re frequently frustrating to apply and can decrease your screen’s touch level of sensitivity. If your screen’s level of sensitivity is important to you, then there are protectors that can include that in the style, however they tend to be significantly more expensive. We advise Spigen, Moshi, Tech Armor, am, Film, Tech, Matte, and Zagg.

Ultimately, we believe your finest bet is to go to a brick-and-mortar shop and attempt each case by hand if that’s possible. Considering how frequently you’ll be reaching for and holding your phone, you wish to find something that fits you and your way of life. We would likewise advise considering a couple of in a different way style cases for different activities; You might prefer a slimmer case for work, however a rugged case for when you go hiking or cycling.

The folio cover likewise assists keep the display safe without requiring a screen protector. The finest bet for a lot of smartphone owners would be a hybrid case. There are a lot of outstanding alternatives out there, and they offer a lot of protection in spite of being quite thin and light. Cases like the UAG Plasma and Ringke Fusion-X included the very same MIL-STD 810G-516.

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Not only do you get to bring money and cards, however the folio cover often functions as a kickstand. Real leather wallet cases are a touch expensive, but look wonderful. Thin cases are minimalistic and what many people would choose. However, they offer varying degrees of security. Some of these alternatives aren’t the most protective, might leave buttons and the screen exposed, and aren’t for anybody who isn’t cautious.

Our recommendation: Spigen for the win At Android Authority we highly suggest Spigen cases. Why? They tend to be a best blend of cost and reliability. There are hardly ever problems with Spigen cases when it pertains to fit and they tend to be very excellent at protecting our phones. The brand also makes a range of cases in practically every style and type you might imagine.

Any of the other brand names on this list are likewise certainly worthy of your consideration. What about brands not on this list? Honestly, it’s about doing your homework. There are heaps of brands out there and actually any case can be worth the financial investment. Prior to you buy a case from a brand you’re not familiar with, just be sure to look for the following: Look through owner-submitted evaluations on websites like Amazon.

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That’s not a huge surprise to us. As mentioned, Spigen makes a few of the best cases around. The mobile phone choice is rather varied, and many of their cases are rather economical. A remote second with 12. 2% of the votes goes to the “I have no allegiance to one specific brand” crowd.

We’ll be upgrading this list of the best makers of smart device cases frequently. Spigen is one of the most popular case makers out there as we’ve currently made quite clear, and with good factor. It has a wide array of cases in its portfolio, from the ultra-thin difficult shell to the rugged dual-layer cover.

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You will certainly get a Spigen case if you have a flagship phone, even returning a few years. That said, the company also provides at least one case for a variety of mid-rangers and even some entry-level gadgets. Spigen cases are likewise reasonably low-cost, with the cost of the various kinds of cases typically in between $8 and $20.