What Are the Most Effective Work Outs For Your Abs?

Most people like to work their abs more than anything else. The good news is that there are plenty of different work outs for your abs, most of which that are pretty good. However, there are a few work outs that you can do that are extremely good for building up the muscles in your abs, and some of them build up your upper/mid/lower abs all at once (which is basically a compound work out for your abs).

As you may have guessed, traditional sit ups do work, but unfortunately you have to do dozens up dozens of them, if not hundreds, in order to get any real muscle gain. So what are some of the better (and faster) workouts for your abs?

The decline sit up is great for working your abs extremely effectively. However, you will need a decline bench for this, so most likely you are going to have to have access to the gym to do this one. Also, another great thing about the decline sit up is the fact that once you work your way up, you can start holding a weight plate (or dumb bell) against your chest to make the work out even harder. And the more you progress, the more weight that you can use; just be careful not to over do it. Basically if you can’t get at least 15-20 reps out of it, then you are probably using too much weight.

Another amazingly effective work out is to use a sit up bench. This is something that you can find in most gyms, and it allows you to go on a much further decline than a regular decline bench. You can identify this machine pretty easily; it looks like a decline bench, but it is shorter, and it will have a much steeper angle to it than the regular bench. Also, most of these machines allow you to adjust the height of the bench. So needless to say, if you put it at the steepest angle possible, then you will likely never have to hold any weight on your chest. This is actually one of the most intense works for your abs that you could ever do, and if you don’t arch your back when you do it, you will work all 3 (upper/mid/lower) sections of your abs at once.

Last but certainly not least, is the ab roller. These can often be found at the gym, and can also be purchased at stores like Walmart for about $5 or less. An ab roller is a simple little device; it is basically a small wheel with 2 handles attached to it. You just grab a hold of the handles, and then lean over forward (while on your knees) and then go down until your body almost touches the floor, then come back up to the starting position. Then just repeat the same motion; this is your reps. Just be careful not to do the motions to fast, or if it becomes too difficult (or too painful) then don’t go down towards the floor as far, which will make the work out much easier to do.

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