To Imagine, to Create, to Build with Star Wars LEGOs!

Creating takes the concepts and perception of the imagination and molds and manipulates them into being able to be built or formed into something the imagination conceived. What does it mean to imagine, to create, to build? The owner of LEGO, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen had envisioned LEGO toys to be educational as well as being fun and imaginative. Godtfred wanted children to expand their imagination as far as possible and use that imagination as tools for learning, creating, and building. The Star Wars LEGO toys have captured that imaginative and creative spirit.

Creativity from the beginning
This creativity of LEGO started in the very beginning. LEGO toys have been around since 1934. The company’s name was originally Ole Kirk Christiansen, a wooden toy company, started in 1916 in Billund Denmark where the main LEGO company still exists today. In 1933 Godtfred Christian was wanting to change the name and was thinking of the name Legio, meaning the “legion of toys.” In 1934 the decision was made to change it to LEGO from the Dutch leg godt meaning “play well,” which was also later discovered to mean “I assemble” or “I put together” in Latin. These meanings in themselves, help described Godtfred’s envision to imagine, create, and build while having fun!

Imagination to Reality
In 1947 the plastic molded pieces were introduced into the LEGO company’s line. However not being well received, lead the search to develop a new design. So a new brick design was first released in a set known as the “Town Plan” in 1955. However, new concepts in the development of new plastics were also being pursued, which in 1956 (only one year later), established the present material and design of the LEGO bricks of today. Although the “Town Plan” set was complete with bricks and pieces to build an entire town with roads, buildings, parks etc…, the vehicles in the sets had non-movable wheels. In 1961 the company expanded from Denmark to the United States and another one of Godtfred’s imaginations became a reality, by the development of the first LEGO wheels, made in the United States in this same year.

Into the Star Wars Galaxy
It wasn’t until 1999 however that LEGO obtained the rights to use the “Star Wars” brand name to produce the very first LEGO Star Wars set. The LEGO Star Wars line was the first of these designs being created from a major motion picture. The Star Wars theme is only one of many themes that LEGO has produced. However, this opened up a whole universe of new and creative ideas to be developed by a magnitude of very innovative people at LEGO. LEGO has captured the hearts of children and adults alike by opening the possibilities of creating a variety of characters, creatures, spacecrafts and planet themes from the Star Wars movie saga. The same way that Lucas Arts had the imagination to create Star Wars movie saga, that same creative drive inspired the LEGO group to be able bring the Star Wars creations to life in the eyes of children.

Universal Building
Your imagination can be out of this world when you build and play with LEGO toys. LEGO has allowed the possibilities, of bringing into the home,the ability for anyone with an imagination and creative spirit to build almost anything they want. Each brick that you put together with others, can become part of something new and exciting. By joining many pieces together anything can be assembled into hundreds of creative possibilities. The opportunities are endless when putting pieces together to make anything that your mind can imagine. When you combine ideas and concepts of StarWars Legos and put them in front of children, you build a foundation to let their imagination explore galaxies far…far away.