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Temporarily such factors as the cycles in the supply of different items, durations needed for returns on capital expense, and the supply of labor, the size of farms, the supply of capital and whether the farm is tenant or owner-operated may impact the type of farming followed on a private farm.

Proximity to big markets is the most essential single financial factor impacting the best types of farming to follow on southern Michigan farms. Big population centers in SE Michigan increase the local need for bulky farm items and for items with a high degree of perishability, like vegetables and milk.

Hence, Michigan farmers tend to produce such items as fluid milk, vegetables and small fruits in season, tree fruits and poultry items. Price of Land. Farm land prices are most likely more the outcome instead of the cause of variations in types of farming. As soon as established, nevertheless, farm land prices do have an essential influence on the choice of crop and livestock business.

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Extensive usage is obtained by first producing intensive business such as dairy, poultry, fruit, truck crops, dry beans, sugar beets, potatoes, corn and high producing pastures; and 2nd by the handling of these extensive enterprises in an extensive, high producing manner. Substantial kinds of farming, where sheep and beef cattle are the major business, are best adjusted to the bigger farms in regions where land prices are relatively low.

Elliot. 1930. Kinds of farming in Michigan. Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station Special Publication 206. Michigan’s 17 farming areas are mostly based upon the sources of farm income and the prevailing type of crops and livestock. The divisions in between the areas are not so definite as the boundary lines would show.

Dairying is the major livestock enterprise. Farmers in general have a wide choice in the selection of fruit and veggies crops. Mainly since of the lighter soils, yields of field crops usually are not high. The major elements figuring out the selection of business in this area are the climate, topography and close-by markets.

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In the western counties, the land surface area is more rolling and in many cases hilly and the soils vary from sands to light loams. Dairying is the most important enterprise for the locations and on many farms is the sole income. The variety of dairy cows per farm is the highest in the state.

Dry field beans, corn, wheat and sugar beets are the significant money crops. Because of the heavier, wetter soils and late spring frosts the proportion of the land in corn in the eastern part of this locations is significantly less than in the areas to the west and south. More of the land is in hay and tillable pasture.

Big acreages of state owned land committed to forestry, parks and leisure are consisted of in this area. Nearly one-half of the farms in this area are part-time or domestic farms. This area does not have the excellent regional markets that are discovered in the more southern counties of the state.

Things to Love About Farming Efficiency

The major crops grown are: hay and tillable pasture about 55-60%, along with oats, wheat and corn. Animals in this areas is rather diversified. There are many beef as well as dairy livestock, and the sales of dairy products and those of animals and livestock products other than dairy and poultry have to do with equal.