The Solar Slide Gate Is Raising In Popularity

Automated gate systems have been around for decades, but only recently the industry has started to grow, due to the fact that they are now cheaper, widely spread and easy to purchase worldwide. In the past, people purchased automatic gate systems for two reasons. The first reason is the fact that they offer a sense of security, keeping unwanted people and vehicles out of the courtyard. The second reason is the fact that their elegant, extravagant look allow the owner o make a statement of wealth and luxury. Now, the timeless elegance of an automatic gate system is accessible to anyone, the only problem being choosing the right model to suit your needs and taste.

In this article, we are going to talk about a particular type of slide gate, the solar gate. Solar powered gates are becoming more and more popular, due to the fact that electricity is really expensive and it’s more convenient to avoid running power to the mounted gate motor. If you are planning to invest in a solar slide gate, there are a few things you should know. Because it’s not a small investment, we are going to give you some guidelines to help you make the best decisions.

Although a solar gate may seem to be the ideal solution, you must know that the applicability of this type of system is different from case to case, so it is highly recommended to get the advice of a specialist before investing in such a system. Other elements you should keep in mind when shopping for a gate motor is the size of the courtyard, the available space (for example, dual slide gates require less swing distance behind them) and the number of times the gate will be opened and closed. From this point of view, it is important to distinguish the difference between a gate purchased for residential use and one purchased for commercial use.

Obviously, the motor for a commercial use slide gate has to be more powerful (and more expensive), because the gate will be opened and closed more often than a residential slide. The good news is that solar gate motors are available worldwide at affordable prices. Since the industry is growing, there are a lot of companies that manufacture solar slide gate motors and other slide motor components. Some of the most famous worldwide producers of gate motors are Eagle, GTO, Liftmaster, Sentex, NICE and BFT.

Finally, if you are wondering how much a solar gate system or motor would cost, you should know that, similar to other types of gate motors, the price ranges according to the size, brand and power of the motor. You should expect to spend from $300 to $1000 for a solar slide gate motor. Once again, we must underline the importance of having an experienced person to give you advice before buying a solar slide gate motor. Fortunately, most slide gate resellers, including online security equipment websites have staffed personnel that can offer you valuable information about the type of motor for your specific application and requirements.