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Improving your house comes.


with a list of items. You might be requiring some minor repairs or you might be wanting to make major improvements. Part of improving your home is seeing to it your roof depends on day. Your roof covering can be forgotten after years of direct exposure to the sunlight and also climate condition. The life expectancy of your roof covering relies on a variety of factors including your roofing system’s products, climate condition, average direct exposure to sunshine during the year, as well as also pets that often tend to land or make residences on your roofing. At this phase, you’ll intend to have a roofing system inspector come out to check out every inch of your roofing to look for missing out on roof shingles, holes, rot, water damage, feasible mold and mildew, dipping, and also rain gutter obstructing. Inspections don’t last too long. Depending on the size of your home and the slope of the roof, the inspection can be done as swiftly as within 1 hr. Assessments ought to happen annually to keep familiar with your roof’s condition as well as feasible problems. The very best season to check, fix, bring back, or replace your roofing system is throughout the completely dry season considering that water can lengthen or harm the procedure. The professional will clarify to you their specialist referral for your roofing. Does it require to be brought back, changed.

, or simply repaired? Roofing systems be repaired rather than replaced, yet the solution you pick depends on the issue. Roof restoration essentially involves fixing or covering a smaller sized issue. Nonetheless, if the problem is a much larger issue, you’re asking a roofer to place a bandaid on your residence’s roofing system. A roofing system fixing may be the ideal fix for the job. Yet what if the opening in your roof has been there for several years? This means that any kind of kind of debris, water, and also mold might have located its means into the structure of the roof covering. Water damages can drip to further components of the roofing system as well as even locate its way right into the home. The difference between these terms is that repairing a roofing means patching a specific component of a roof. Roof remediation is a solution for providing your roof a facelift. Know the trouble( s) before you select repair work or remediation. Prior to you pick restoring your roof or changing it, take into consideration a couple of points when it involves roof reconstruction. as it recycles parts of your roofing. for up to 15 years, whereas roofing substitute is a new roof that will last someplace around 20-25 years depending on the products. of your roofing and also doesn’t imply tearing all of it apart and beginning with the walls up. If you’re taking into consideration recovering your roofing system, there are certain circumstances when roof covering reconstruction functions much better than an entire roofing substitute. Roofing system restoration is a wonderful solution to utilize if fire captures on your house. Throughout snow or heavy-rain.

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periods, water can discover a means right into the roof shingles, felt padding, as well as possibly the outdoor decking of your roofing. While the roofing is suggested to glide the water into the gutter, water can still sink right into the roofing system. Take Colorado for an example. While the state is recognized for having extra, larger hailstorm than.

most of the various other states, Colorado Springs receives approximately 13 severe hail storm storms throughout the year. These huge or wide variety of hail solids can hit the roofing of your residence and cause massive damages.

What Does Keto Do?

Actually, some evidence suggests that they might also hinder it. The purpose of the ketogenic diet for weight reduction is to generate ketones from kept fat as an alternative gas resource. However if your ketone blood levels end up being too expensive, your blood can become hazardously acidic. To stop this, healthy individuals have a feedback device that reduces down manufacturing of ketones if they end up being excessively high (,,, ). To put it simply, the higher your blood ketone levels are, the less your body generates.

They consist of concerning four calories per gram, the same number of calories as carbohydrates or protein. A single serving of exogenous ketone salts usually includes less than 100 calories, however to preserve a state of ketosis, you’ll require numerous portions each day. That’s because the impact of ketone supplements lasts just a couple of hours and hence requires repeated dosages throughout the day to keep a state of ketosis (, ). And also, at upwards of $3 per serving, they can end up being expensive, as well (22).

They’re likewise a resource of calories, which, depending upon the amount of servings you have, might not be rewarding for fat burning. Exogenous ketone supplements are generally taken into consideration to be a safe as well as reliable method to increase ketone body focus, yet the lasting results are unknown (). Documented negative effects are much more common with ketone salts than ketone esters and also consist of nausea, looseness of the bowels and stomach discomfort (,, ). Ketone supplements apparently have an inadequate aftertaste too (). In addition, accomplishing ketosis with ketone salts is not recommended due to the high amounts of minerals you ‘d consume (). One serving of ketone salts offers (22):680 mg of sodium (27% of the DV) 320 mg magnesium (85% of the DV) 590 mg of calcium (57% of the DV) However, to maintain ketosis, you’ll need to take a dose every 2 to 3 hrs, increasing or tripling these numbers.

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The smart Trick of Keto That Nobody is Talking About

But while ketone supplements can still assist you maintain ketosis even after a dish, the increase in degrees of blood ketones is a lot less than if you were in a rapid or didn’t eat a carb-containing dish (). The adverse effects connected with ketone supplements vary from stomach pain to looseness of the bowels.


Ketone supplements are declared to place your body into ketosis without having to comply with a ketogenic diet. One research discovered that exogenous ketone supplements may lower hunger for over four hours when taken in a fasted state, yet other study recommends that they might prevent fat burning efforts. Up until even more research is readily available, there’s no real assistance for using ketone supplements as a weight management help.

January resolutions are in full speed, so you have actually possibly become aware of the ketogenic diet, the fashionable eating plan that asks for getting greater than 70% of your total calories from fat, about 20% from healthy protein, and also 10% or less from carbohydrates. Rationale is to go into a metabolic state referred to as ketosis, when your body burns fat for fuel.

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Truthful Keto Diet, a firm lately included on Shark Storage tank, markets comparable weight-loss tablets. Expensive keto supplements consist of active ingredients like ketones designed to subdue appetite, electrolytes for the dehydrating results of the diet, particular vitamins and minerals, and also even high levels of caffeine. The product packaging insurance claims are plentiful also: They declare they’ll help you achieve ketosis within “three days,” “fuel efficiency,” and also “clear mind haze,” to name a few advantages.

The costs of laser skin treatments can vary from $200 to over $3,400, according to the University of Michigan Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center. Lasers are much more accurate than standard medical instruments, as well as cuts can be made much shorter and also shallower. This creates much less damage to cells. Laser operations are normally much shorter than conventional surgical treatments.

You additionally do not need to spend the evening in the hospital. If general anesthetic is required, it’s normally utilized for a much shorter time. People likewise have a tendency to recover faster with laser operations. You might have much less pain, swelling, as well as scarring than with standard surgical procedures. Recovery after laser surgeries resembles that of common surgery.

Recovery after laser treatment varies based upon the kind of treatment you got and also just how much of your body was affected by the therapy. You should comply with any orders your doctor gives you extremely carefully. As an example, if you have laser prostate surgery, you might need to wear an urinary catheter.

If you got therapy on your skin, you might experience swelling, itching, and rawness around the treated location. Your medical professional might utilize a lotion and dress up the location so that it’s impermeable and also watertight. For the very first pair of weeks after the treatment, be sure to do the following: Usage over the counter medications for pain, such as advil (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Tidy the location frequently with water.

Usage cold pack. Stay clear of selecting any scabs. As soon as the area has actually come to be disordered with brand-new skin, you may utilize makeup or various other cosmetics to cover any kind of visible redness if you ‘d like.

Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy that boosts recovery while utilizing reduced levels of light. The technique is called “cold” laser treatment since the low degrees of light aren’t sufficient to warm your body’s tissue. The degree of light is low when compared to various other kinds of laser therapy, such as those made use of to ruin growths and coagulate cells.

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True to its name, cool laser therapy does not. Cold laser treatment is likewise referred to as: low-level laser therapy (LLLT) low-power laser therapy (LPLT) soft laser biostimulationphotobiomodulationDuring this treatment, various wavelengths and also outputs of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted location. The body cells then takes in the light. The red and near-infrared light create a reaction, as well as the damaged cells react with a physiological reaction that promotes regrowth.

For deeper penetration, wavelengths between 780 and 950 nm are utilized. Although you’ll feel the laser gadget touching your skin, the treatment is pain-free as well as noninvasive. There will certainly be no noise as well as you’ll really feel no vibration or warmth. Each treatment typically takes only a couple of minutes. Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and various other doctor make use of cold laser treatment in a variety of methods.

Sports medicine and also physical therapy techniques commonly make use of cold laser therapy in the treatment of minor injuries as well as strains, such as: It’s additionally utilized to help in reducing swelling and advertise healing of the joints and soft tissue. Dental experts utilize cool lasers to treat swollen cells in the mouth and also to recover ulcerations.

Skin specialists utilize it to treat different skin troubles, including: Cold laser treatment is likewise made use of to treat difficult-to-heal wounds, consisting of wounds connected to diabetes.Acupuncturists use cool laser therapy for clients that are unpleasant with needles. The low-level laser beams can stimulate your acupoints the very same means needles do, but without puncturing your skin.

The Single Strategy To Use For Deep Tissue Laser Therapy — Go Beyond Physical Therapy

You additionally don’t have to spend the evening in the medical facility. If basic anesthesia is needed, it’s generally used for a shorter time. People additionally tend to recover faster with laser operations. You may have much less pain, swelling, and also scarring than with standard surgeries. Healing after laser surgical procedures resembles that of common surgical treatment. For information on laser therapy deep tissue click here.

Healing after laser therapy varies based upon the type of therapy you received and also just how much of your body was affected by the therapy. You must follow any kind of orders your medical professional gives you really closely. As an example, if you have laser prostate surgical procedure, you might need to wear an urinary catheter.

If you got therapy on your skin, you might experience swelling, itching, as well as rawness around the cured location. Your physician may utilize a lotion and also gown up the location so that it’s impermeable and also leak-proof. For the very first pair of weeks after the treatment, make certain to do the following: Usage over-the-counter medications for pain, such as ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Clean the area on a regular basis with water.

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Use cold pack. Prevent picking any scabs. When the location has come to be disordered with new skin, you may utilize make-up or various other cosmetics to hide any visible inflammation if you would certainly such as.

The idea that light energy from a laser can minimize discomfort as well as inflammation, speed up recovery in broken cells, unwind muscles, and also promote nerve regrowth appears farfetched. Scientific research, however, tells us these results do happen. The inquiry is, to what level and is this based upon wavelength and power? “Wavelength and power figure out the capacity of the laser to permeate into the body.

Bruce Coren informed SpineUniverse. There are 2 courses of lasers being used in physical treatment; class 3 and also 4. “Class 3 lasers are much less than 500 milliwatts (mw) in power while class 4 lasers are higher than 500 mw,” Dr. Coren said. Class 3 lasers are often described as cold lasers, as well as the treatment might be called LLLT for low-level laser therapy.

Indicators on Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Montgomery County Pa – K … You Should Know

” The majority of neuro-musculoskeletal problems respond far better to a higher power and also a higher dose, which is a function of power outcome and also time,” Dr. Coren commented. “The very best results are mosting likely to be obtained with a laser that has 30 watts of power or more. A 10-minute treatment with a 30-watt laser will generate 18,000 joules, which provides a significant discomfort relieving, anti-inflammatory as well as recovery impact.” Clients normally begin to really feel better after 1 or 2 therapies, although 5 or even more may be needed to solve the issue.

Dr. Coren talked with SpineUniverse regarding the useful properties of Laser Therapy: Pain Alleviation: “Laser decreases nerve sensitivity by decreasing bradykinin; a pain generating chemical. It normalizes ion networks [cellular gatekeepers] and releases endorphins [body’s all-natural discomfort reducer] and enkephalins [associated to endorphins] that produce an analgesic effect. It likewise has a pain-blocking impact on particular nerve fibers.” Anti-inflammatory/Healing: “Laser raises ATP, which is kept energy [ATP is the phrase for adenosine triphosphate].

Laser additionally creates a widening of the arteries as well as blood vessels around the injury which aids to remove damaged cellular particles as well as increase nutrients and oxygen. White blood cell task is enhanced resulting in an extra fast repair process. Also, some molecules that increase swelling are decreased, and beneficial anti-oxidants like superoxide dismutase are raised.

An Unbiased View of Personal Hygiene Products For Office – Soaps, Sanitizers …

Standard great hygiene and also staying clean can make all the difference in an emergency. Personalize this list to your needs. Toothpaste Toothbrushes Dental floss Deodorant Solar shower for warm showers without power Epsom salt for sore muscle mass Off-grid toilet/Potty Bucket(5-gallon pail with seat) Feline trash or other natural material to utilize with the potty container Cotton tea towels to use for drying Diapers( if appropriate )Hand mirror Q-tips/Cotton spheres Wet Ones Microfiber washcloth Infant wipes Barber comb & scissors Chap-stick Rubbish bags, elastic band or turn connections Hair brushes and combs Hair-ties, clips, bandanas Hand sanitizer Check out here exactly how to use it efficiently. Anti-bacterial hand soap Laundry cleaning agent Straight razor & sharpener Toilet paper You can never ever have excessive. Tweezers Mouthwash/breath fresheners Shower cap Stored water What else would certainly you include? The adhering to two tabs change content below. Erin Foster is mom to 5 children. West Georgia is house where you can find her analysis, outdoor camping, enjoying a play and also on any kind of experience she can do with her family. Ensuring that your office is equipped with the appropriate sort of hygiene products, and also a lot of them, is among the ways we can aid you.

make your workplace a positive one. Individual hygiene products are crucial to keeping a clean and sanitary work environment, and also you can motivate their use by offering employees a very easy means to access any given product at any moment of day. We provide a choice of contemporary hand soap dispensers that can be set up on wall surfaces or in floor locations where there is heavy website traffic. Find hygiene products Birmingham click here.

as well as hands-free dispensers and also stock up handy sanitizer gel for continuous cleanliness. Our Womanly Products section provides a number of products that can help make the day go smoother for ladies. June 1, 1992 Ms. Susan H. BlackburnIndustrial HygienistMartin Marietta Energy Solutions, Inc. Blog Post Workplace Box 2003Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831 Beloved Ms. Blackburn: This is in feedback to your letter.

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of April 30, in which you asked for a clarification on the Occupational Safety And Security and Health And Wellness Administration (OSHA) law 29 CFR 1910.1030,” Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Virus “. 29 CFR 1910.1030 specifies regulated waste as fluid or semi-liquid blood or various other possibly infectious product( OPIM); products contaminated with blood or OPIM as well as which would certainly launch these substances in a fluid or semi-liquid state if pressed; products that are caked with dried blood or OPIM can launching these products throughout handling; polluted sharps; as well as pathological as well as microbiological wastes having blood or OPIM.

Tattoos are very popular and with them so are removal methods such as laser tattoo removal. For every person that decides to get themselves some ink on their body there are multiple people looking on how they can remove them. Whether it be a reminder of the name of someone that you wish to forget or whether it be something you got and now is something you are frowning upon you can easily remove it with the use of laser tattoo removal but why is this method so popular for people to use?

This method has become the most popular method of removal due to it not having to breach the skin unlike surgeries and dermabrasion however even with this in mind there are risks with this procedures such as scarring, irritation and skin conditions.

The way this treatment works is that a high intensity laser is emitted into the skin and breaks up the tattoo pigment which is too large for the body to remove itself but by breaking this up into smaller pieces the laser allows the body to get rid of the unwanted ink.

When considering this removal method you need to understand that it is going to take some time to get through fully.

The colour of the ink is one of the major factors that affect the length of the number of sessions that you go through. The easiest colours to remove are black and blue however the brighter colours will need more sessions to get through especially colours like yellow which are really hard to remove.

Another factor which affects this is when you got your tattoo done. If you went through your session just a few weeks or months ago then you will find the method of removal easier than if you went through the session a few years ago as the pigment becomes a lot harder to remove.

For a medium sized tattoo you are going to be looking at 4+ sessions and they are going to be spaced out over a few weeks (the skin needs time to heal). Of course the size of the tattoo and the colour will take factor into this.

You will go through pain when going through this method of removal and you will experience scarring too so make sure that you are sure that laser tattoo removal is something that you want to go through.

Laser Tattoo Removal is a widely known method of removal that you can go through, using this method won’t guarantee everyone complete removal but you will notice results.

There are plenty of other methods which you can go through as well so if you don’t want to spend too much money then check out other methods.

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A smoothie blender has become one of the most sought after kitchen appliance, especially as summer approaches. The Back to Basics SM700 Signature II Blender is an exceptionally reliable example of these products. One purchaser recently commented that his only complaint is that the SM700 smoothie blender took much too long to be introduced.

Unlike many kitchen appliances, this blender is one you will want to keep on your counter. The 56 oz glass blending container simply begs for ingredients to be added and smoothie blending to begin. The SM700 blender is easy to use and reliable in producing the required results. It’s 600 watt blending/700 watt pulsing motor increase the versatility and reliability of this smoothie blender.

If you like to experiment with various flavors and fruit, nut, and other additions, get out your cape and magic wand now. This blender will produce whatever it is that you desire. Improved technology provides ingredients from sticking to the powerful blades of the SM700 producing a true smoothie, without unwanted clumps of delicious smoothie ingredients.

There is no need to pour delightful smoothies from the SM700 blender receptacle. This smoothie blender is equipped with a spigot that will easily dispense your smoothie as well as a variety of other iced drinks with great ease. One purchaser of the SM700 blender had only praise as he shared the reason for his purchase. He was curious as to how well the blender might work in making slushies. He noted that his SM700 Smoothie blender worked just as well (if not better) than similar and much more expensive blenders.

Summer is certainly not the only time one might use a smoothie blender. Many recreational therapy departments in long term care facilities offer special treats throughout the year. Those departments who have invested in the SM700 blender have been pleased by the ease in use and the texture of the smoothies that is best received by the residents.

Several therapists have reported that once they familiarized themselves with the blender, they began to experiment with various textures, tastes and ingredients. Resident’s families are grateful for the addition of the SM700 blender to the recreation therapy departments.

Pediatric departments have reported purchasing the SM700 blender for those children who have had tonsillectomies and who appreciate a cold and soothing drink before they are ready to return to solid foods. This information has reached adult post surgical units where blenders are now kept humming and creating nutritional, easy to swallow, drinks for those adults who have never forgotten some of the perks of being childlike!

A growing number of hospice organizations encourage family members who are providing care of a dying loved one, to rent one of their smoothie blenders for the use of easy to make and refreshing drinks. Although, as the dying who are days from death, generally do not want solid foods, many of them find the cool and easy to swallow smoothie refreshing.

There is little that a family member must do in order to make a smoothie and those hospices that provide smoothie blenders have often chosen the Sm700 for its ease of use and the quality of the smoothie this dependable and affordable smoothie blender. The SM 700 Smoothie Blender is the choice of individuals and institutions who want the most ease in making the perfect smoothie.

I’ve had mosquitoes ruin a few camping trips and make a beautiful summer evening outdoors a hassle. But aside from being an annoyance, I know they are also a danger because they can carry diseases.

While malaria and yellow fever have been virtually eliminated in the U.S., thanks to widespread public health efforts, viral encephalitides is still a threat. Encephalitis, which means inflammation of the brain, is caused by a number of bacterial and viral infections and can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Those mosquito-borne strains include Eastern Equine, LaCrosse, St. Louis, and West Nile. The latter has received the most attention lately. In addition to the threat disease-carrying mosquitoes pose to humans, they can also cause canine heartworm.

Keeping you and your family safe from the dangers mosquitoes bring is essential. There are several types of mosquito control you can use to protect your family from the dangers of mosquitoes. Some are more effective than others.

Repellents: Common Mosquito Control

Repellents, including aerosols, creams, sticks, sprays and liquids, can be applied to the skin and clothing.

The most effective repellents that can be applied to bare skin contain DEET. While these repellents do not kill mosquitoes, they can deter them from biting. Depending on the amount of DEET in the product, they can be an effective form of mosquito control from 90 minutes to 10 hours.

Products containing Permanone can be used on clothes, shoes, bed nets and camping gear, but should never be used on skin. While DEET products deter mosquitoes from biting, Permanone kills mosquitoes and ticks. This type of repellent can generally last up to 6 hours. Even after materials treated with Permanone have been washed, the chemical can remain.

Many prefer not to use DEET and Permanone because they are chemicals. There are mosquito repellents available that do not contain these harsh chemicals, and typically they contain oil of citronella. While they provide some relief, they are not as effective as DEET or Permanone. Others claim dryer sheets can be used as a form of mosquito control when tied to clothing.

Directions should always be followed when using repellents. They should never be used on your kids’ hands. And as soon as you’re indoors again, treated skin should always be washed with soap and water.

Controlling Mosquitoes by Eliminating Breeding Sites

Eliminating breeding sites is one of the best forms of mosquito control, but can be costly and difficult for the average homeowner to do. Mosquitoes travel up to several miles, which means breeding areas may be several miles away from where the problem is being experienced.

Taking steps as a community is the most effective way to control mosquitoes. Ensure standing water, from neglected birdbaths and swimming pools to clogged rain gutters, are eliminated.

Larger areas of standing water, such as swamps, ditches, and slow-moving streams, require community resources to eliminate.

Mosquito Control Traps

There are products available that claim to attract, repel or kill mosquitoes.

Electrocuting devices, which are commonly referred to as “bug zappers,” use ultraviolet light as an attractant. These have proven to be highly ineffective at mosquito control. Only a tiny percentage of bugs captured by these traps are in fact mosquitoes. Moths, beetles, and other non-biting and harmless insects are the majority of insects captured by these bug zappers.

Other devices emanate ultrasonic high-frequency sound waves. They claim to repel pests, including mosquitoes. These have been proven to be ineffective forms of insect and mosquito control. Consumer protection agencies have cracked down on these companies that advertise unsubstantiated claims about their devices. However, new companies are always emerging hoping to sell these ineffective mosquito control devices.

There are mosquito traps available that have proven to be highly effective at disrupting the mosquito breeding cycle, thereby virtually eliminating the danger and annoyance of mosquitoes in your yard for an entire season, without exposing your family to harsh chemicals.

The most effective mosquito traps release a continuous stream of carbon dioxide, combined with an attractant, to lure mosquitoes. Once near the trap, the mosquitoes are vacuumed into a net where they dehydrate and die. These traps run continuously for the best results. Some of the more advanced models automatically power down and restart the trap based on 50 degrees, the temperature at which mosquito breeding usually starts.

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It is a struggle to control pests in a house. If you try to handle this problem on your own, you might not be able to succeed in the first attempt. But a pest exterminating company can give you peace of mind because the job will be done right. Below are 6 reasons for hiring a pest control company.


Doing pest extermination requires you to have knowledge of efficiently using cleaning products. Overuse of pest control products can only add to the overall cost. If you hire a paid service, on the other hand, you will save money.

Store-bought products are not always useful

This means not all products available in stores can kill all kinds of pests. Professional pest exterminators have a list of suitable products for exterminating pests that belong of different species. Needless to say that they know the right way of using each and every product they use.

Avoid safety risks

Aside from causing a wide range of diseases, some pests can harm you by biting, clawing, and stinging. Professional pest controllers don protective gloves and other stuff in order to keep pests away from them.


Hiring a pest exterminator means your job will be done by trained professionals. Trained professionals know how to deal with different risks associated with pests. If you want to ensure the safety of your family, your home, your kids, and your pets, then you must hire trained pest controllers.


One of the primary reasons for hiring a pest exterminator is that they have the essential tools at hand to get the job done. As a matter of fact, without tools no job can be done in the right manner. You can also buy the tools but that would require you to invest a substantial amount of money.

Save Time

Have you made multiple attempts to get rid of pests? Have all your attempts failed? If so, this means you have wasted lots of time. You cannot get the lost time back. You could have spent that time on other important tasks as well. Experienced pest exterminators can complete the job successfully in first attempt, saving you several hours.

Last but not least, do not think that professional pest exterminators cost a fortune. If you consider the advantages mentioned above, you come to know that hiring one is worth the amount you will need to spend. Hopefully, these tips will suffice to convince you that a pest control company is the perfect option for killing off those teeny creatures in your house.

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A well-maintained and well-charged motorcycle battery typically lasts about three years.

Of course, many batteries do last longer. But if yours is more than three years old, you should start considering a new motorcycle battery purchase.

I’m sure you want a battery that will…

  • Start your motorcycle every time
  • Give you long, reliable service
  • Support your bike’s electrical system
  • Reinforce the engine’s performance capabilities

Here are key points to help you select a motorcycle battery that best meets your demands and best suits your motorcycle…

Know the technical specs of your motorcycle’s original battery

The engineers who designed your motorcycle installed a battery that would enable the bike’s engine and electrical system to perform at full capacity.

As a starting point, make sure the technical specs of any new battery you’re considering at least match your original battery’s…

  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • Reserve capacity.

Actually, when choosing a battery, you want one that will give you the largest reserve capacity. Basically, reserve capacity indicates how long the battery will work without being charged.

Also, does the original battery have any unique characteristics? For example, does it require a vent tube or other attachments?

Even if you’re considering a new battery that’s more technically advanced than the original, use your old battery’s specs and features to guide you toward the best replacement.

Know the original battery’s physical measurements

This is a basic point, but it’s critical.

A motorcycle battery’s physical measurements are at least as important as its technical specs.

That’s because motorcycles give you a very limited and exact-sized compartment where you hook-up and hold the battery.

Maybe you can get away with an appropriately powerful, smaller-sized battery. But if you get one that’s too big, it probably won’t fit in the allotted space and you’ll have to exchange it.

Buying then returning batteries can be time-consuming and expensive.

Consider upgrading to a more technologically advanced battery

Motorcycle batteries are improving all the time. Look into getting an upgraded design that’s more technologically advanced and reliable than your bike’s original.

You have three battery designs to choose from. Each contains an electrolyte — a caustic liquid that enables the battery to store energy.

These are your battery design choices…

  • Flooded Wet Cell Battery

This is the oldest battery design. Many wet cell types are not sealed. So they must remain upright to prevent the caustic liquid inside from spilling. Also, you must continually top-up the electrolyte level.

  • Gel Cell Battery

A gel battery uses a solidifying agent in the electrolyte that improves the battery’s ability to store electricity. It also inhibits the liquid’s movement inside the battery and reduces the possibility of spillage.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Motorcycle Battery

An absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery contains fiberglass mats that absorb the electrolyte.

This type of battery was developed for the military. That’s why they’re very tough and reliable, and why they usually cost twice as much as a premium wet cell.

In addition to being very energy-efficient, long-lasting and reliable, they’re totally sealed, maintenance free and leak-proof.

You can install an AGM battery in any position — even on its side or end. It makes no difference.

They’re the battery of choice for many motorcycle riders because, in addition to their toughness, they hold a charge longer than other battery designs.

That’s a big advantage, especially for riders who don’t use their motorcycle every day.

Even after many months without receiving a charge, you can recharge a very weak AGM battery and put it back into action.

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Your home’s carpets are always getting walked on, stepped on, spilled on and more. Because they’re some of the dirtiest and most used floor surfaces in your home, it’s important that you keep them clean so that they look their best. This is especially true if you own pets or have kids! Dirty carpets make clean rooms look dirty no matter how much you try to get the space squeaky clean. Neglected carpets can also pose various health risks since bacteria and germs like to thrive in dirty carpets, causing harm to you and your family’s immune systems. Still not convinced your carpets should always been clean? Here are some more reasons why you should care about clean your carpets are and invest in quality carpet cleaning products!

The Importance Of Keeping Your Carpet Cleaner Than Ever
Dirty carpets can really ruin the life of your home’s carpeting, making you have to replace them a lot sooner than expected. This means shelling out more money to have the room re-carpeted or having to spend extra money on new rugs. If you’d like to save your money for other home improvements, keep your carpets and rugs clean using the right carpet cleaning products. This way you’ll be able to prolong the life of your carpet just by adding the right carpet cleaner to your cleaning products arsenal.

Another reason to invest in the right carpet cleaner is to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Carpets have a tendency to trap airborne pollutants that can pollute the air that you and your family breathe, which can cause allergies to act up or other breathing problems to occur. These pollutants must be removed in order to both protect your carpeted surfaces and maintain air quality indoors. Carpet cleaning products will help solve this troublesome problem.

Clean carpets also mean easier maintenance, which translates to shorter carpet cleaning sessions. When you let your carpet go, trying to get it back to its like-new condition will be harder and take longer to do than if you kept up with regular carpet cleaning duties.

But the biggest reason to always keep your carpets clean is so that they enhance the appearance of any room. Well-maintained, clean carpets can speak volumes about the cleanliness of a home and room. Spots, stains and other spoils on carpets are eye sores, which is why it’s imperative that you have effective carpet cleaning products on hand so when your carpets do get stains or spots. This way you can immediately clean them so that your carpet looks as if it were still new!

Carpet Cleaners That Double As An Upholstery Cleaner
Not only should you keep your carpets clean, but the same is true for your upholstery items like your couches, chairs and other furniture pieces made from fabrics. A dirty couch and carpet will make your room look sloppy and messy, so make sure you look for a carpet cleaner that doubles as an upholstery cleaner, too! This way you can kill two birds with one stone and clean both your carpets and upholstered items at the same time. Your space will look cleaner than ever with a spotless couch and carpet!

What To Look For In Carpet Cleaning Products
Not all carpet cleaning products are created equal, which is why you need to be careful when searching for the right one. A non-toxic carpet cleaner is best so that it’s safe for your family and pets. Also, look for one that is fast acting and can be used for a multitude of surfaces, including couches, carpets, fabrics, upholstery and even car seats, so that you get more for your money. More importantly, you want to get a carpet cleaner that is easy to use, so that you’re not on your hands and knees scrubbing for minutes at a time. But make sure that the carpet cleaner also works on various stains, like food and wine, pet stains, grass and dirt stains and other common stains you might find on your carpets and upholstered items.

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Car insurance estimate: How much do you need?
Every car buyer goes through a checklist before buying his or her brand new car. The most important aspect of the list is the auto insurance and the car insurance estimate. A car insurance acts as a protection for your car as a whole. Your insurance officer may offer you a varied range of auto insurances depending on the type of vehicle you own, the amount of coverage you need and the number of years you wish to have the protection for, in return of a yearly amount, known as the insurance premium.

When you incur a car accident, the cost of damages the car bears is covered by the car insurance you opt for, this, however, does not include any damage incurred above the overall auto insurance amount.The value of your auto insurance estimate is calculated by the IDV or the Insured Declared Value of your vehicle; the IDV is the maximum amount the insurance company is going to pay for the damages your car incurs. The amount of IDV roughly equals to the actual market price of the car you own or the showroom price of your car. The IDV thus is not a constant value and keeps changing periodically.Upon renewal of your car insurance after a year, the value of IDV will decrease because of the amount of depreciation charged on it after a year.

What are the damages covered by the car insurance?

The car insurance will not cover all the damages your car faces, during the life of the insurance. Coverages in the US are usually seen in a cluster of three numbers separated by a dash, for example, 20/50/30 or 100/500/100. The first two numbers are usually seen for medical coverage. For 100/500/100 the insurance company policy will pay $100,000 per person up to $500,000 combined for all people. The last number covers damages made to the property, that is any other vehicle or property you hit in an accident.

A comprehensive auto insurance plan will mainly cover the following types of damages:

  • Liability Coverage:

The coverage also commonly known as casualty insurance, mainly covers bodily injuries and property damages, that is damage to your car. The amount of insurance will, however, vary from one jurisdiction to the other. The insured is also allowed to increase the amount of the insurance coverage (before the loss), to cover any loss incurred during the accident.

If in an unfortunate circumstance, you hit a telephone pole with your car. In such a case, the liability coverage covers the expenses of the damage caused to the pole. It, however, does not cover any other expenses related to the damage being caused such as disruption of services claimed by the Telephone company.

A bodily coverage covers the insured from possible injury during the accident as well as covers him or her from any third party damage caused by accident. The coverage covers the court costs and damages the insured is being sued for.

  • Full Coverage

Full coverage covers both collision and comprehensive damages done to your vehicle. The collision coverage covers the vehicle involved in collisions, by paying out for the repair of the damage incurred or by paying out the cash value of the vehicle in case the vehicle is not repairable.

Comprehensive coverage covers the vehicle from damages not ordinarily considered as collision damages. The damages covered by this coverage are damage due to theft, vandalism or impact with animals. Additionally, a lot of insurance companies also include ‘Act of God’ damages that is any damage caused by event or events caused to factors that are beyond human control, such as cyclones, tornado, tsunami etc.

Apart from the main coverages mentioned above, insurance companies in the US also provide the following coverages:

  • Damages done by uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM)
  • Loss of use
  • GAP coverages.
  • Lease/Loan Payoff.
  • Emergency Road Service Coverage.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
  • Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage.

How can you calculate a car insurance estimate?

You can follow these simple steps, to correctly get your car insurance estimate:

  • Before buying a auto, narrow down on your choices.
  • Determine the amount of coverage you’d ideally be needing. If you are buying a new car, you should go for insurance that covers collision and comprehensive damages as well. This is however not mandatory in case of a used auto.
  • Compare insurance quotes for your vehicle. Different companies will have different insurance costs for your vehicle depending on the type and market price of the model. Comparing the quotes will help you narrow down to the best insurance for your auto.
  • Make the final choice, based on the comparison chart.

What should your ideal car insurance estimate be?

There are a lot of factors that affect your car insurance estimate. Ideally, you should choose a plan and amount, which covers most of the possible damage that your auto may incur in the lifetime. The amount of insurance you chose typically should be higher than the actual cost of your overall auto.

The ultimate car insurance estimate will ultimately depend on your own choices and individual situation. It is always advisable to look at a wide range of options and companies offering auto insurance after calculating the car insurance estimate. Comparing insurance quotes, and what they cover with each other will ensure you get the most out of your auto insurance.

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If you’ve ever heard ham radios mentioned in movies, you may find yourself a tad confused. “Ham radios!? What do radios have to do with ham? The term “ham” is believed to come from the term “amateur”. No-one truly knows where the true birth to the term came from though, as it’s just one of those things that popped up and the other Amateur Radio users adopted the term.

You may also be wondering, what in the heck are the differences between ham radios and just the typical AM/FM radios that you see at retail stores. The answer to that question is simple. In regards to the basic fundamentals of the Radio Frequency aspect, there is basically no difference! Both types are just pieces of technology that, in essence, receive and transmit signals from one party to another. So in that respect, ham radios and other radios are of the same basic concept fundamentally. There are, however, many differences when it comes to operating procedures and the amount of work you have to do in order to operate an amateur radio. Here are the five major differences:

1. Ham radios require a license. Licenses are required because ham radios operate in frequencies that are capable of talking much further than any regular old radio could. Licenses are also required because ham radios have been used in emergency situations many times. If you, as an inexperienced user, interfere with emergency communications you may be endangering people’s lives. Because of this, the feds have made laws regarding these radios and one of the laws states that you need a license to legally operate a ham radio.

2. Ham Radios are more of a true “two-way” radio communication; in the aspect you are more interactive with the other party. With a standard AM/FM radio in your vehicle, you receive the signal, and the broadcast station “transmits” the signal. These procedural responsibilities are fixated between you and the other user, whereas with a Ham Radio, you and the party at the other end can transmit and receive equally. This creates a more interactive means of communication.

3. Ham radios “talk” in different frequencies/bands than regular AM/FM radios. These bands make it so ham radios can talk much further than you may think. You certainly won’t reach Tokyo from the U.S. on the 2 meter band, but you may be able to do just that if you are operating on, say, the 160 meter band.

4. They are much more expensive than regular radios. Granted, you may be able to find used ham radios that are cheap, but generally they tend to cost more. Ham radio equipment adds up because you have to buy many different types of equipment to make them work properly and to maintain their functions. Regular radios usually come in an all in one, ready to use package. Ham radios are different! You’ll find yourself buying a transceiver, a power supply, a SWR (Standing-Wave-Ratio reading) wattmeter, and cables. The price adds up!

5. You generally have to do extra antenna work. You can either build one from scratch, or install one that comes commercially made. Most “real” amateur radio operators prefer to build their own from scratch. This is cheaper, but there also comes a sense of pride of designing, building, and installing your own radio antenna!

Please don’t let these five major differences scare you away though. With a ham radio, you can keep your family safe in case of an emergency, you can talk with people and make some new, interesting friends from around the world! Ham Radio is also a hobby where you can have lots and lots of fun and learn a thing or two in the process. You’ll also find forum after forum online with tons of useful information regarding ham radio equipment. Don’t let it boggle your mind! Take it one step at a time. Read a post, digest it. Read another post and then make sure you truly understand what is said. Rinse and repeat! You’ll soon find yourself on your way to become a ham radio expert. Good luck!

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Do you know that you can add a more amazing touch to your already beautiful plants? By incorporating Indoor Plant Stands, you can give life and liveliness to your home in an instant and without spending a lot. In view of this, opting for the best stand is a must so you can guarantee that you will augment the beauty of your living space.

Being able to pick the right plant stand would mean that it should be something that can complement the beauty of the plant and not transport the spectator into a whole new world with just the stand. In short, you have to look for something that blends well with your plants. You do not have to worry though because with the wide variety of choices obtainable in the market these days, choosing the best Indoor Plant Stands is easy for you to be able to wow everyone that come near your place.

You also ought to understand that there is the need in choosing the correct plant stand that can go with the size of the plant that will be placed within. And so, a small plant will go well with small stand while a big one will need a big stand as well. Do not place an extremely small plant in a very big stand or it will be totally off!

Another thing to consider in choosing for the right stand is to take into account the color of the plant that will be placed inside. For gorgeous blooms, go for neutral color while you can choose stands in wide range of colors for those plants that comes too plain.

And since you do not wish your Indoor Plant Stands to fall down once you place your ornaments within, you should consider its stability. If the plant is very heavy or extremely big, go for a stand which is sturdy enough to go with the weight of the plants. You have to understand that size is one of the most important details to consider. You should ensure that the top of the stand is big enough to accommodate the plant. To be on safe side, be sure that the size of the pot will not take the whole top of the stand.

The last consideration is to look for a stand that goes well with your taste and personality. Of course, you must go for something that can complement you. Decide which kind you like and see whether it can blend well with your house and the plant you are going to place within, once you check these factors then it is time to grab that best stand for your place! Good luck in your search!

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Nowadays, renting a bounce house has become the newest and the most admirable birthday party trend. It is fairly a cheap and fun option to rent a huge inflatable bouncer for all events especially for kids’ birthday celebrations, family get-togethers or graduation parties. Moonwalks bring more entertainment and excitement to the party and can keep everyone busy by providing nonstop bouncing fun. Bounce house rentals come in a wide variety of stylish themes for both boys and girls. This article will help you in selecting the most exciting and stylish moon walks themes for girls.

1. Princess Castle – A Fascinating Moonwalk Theme!

Princess castle moonwalk is a very popular theme among all girls as it not only fascinates your little princess but it also attracts all your party visitors. The princess bouncy castle is especially designed to create a magical place for kids and keeps them entertained throughout the party. Princess bouncing castles are the perfect choice for an exciting outdoor activity for your little princess.

2. Birthday Cake Moonwalk – A Perfect Bouncing Fun!

Numerous bounce house rental companies provide various moonwalks in different sizes and shapes including birthday cake inflatable which will surely be a fun part of your daughter’s birthday party. Birthday cake moonwalk is available with a slide which will double the bouncing fun and provide unlimited entertainment at the party.

3. Hamburger Bouncer – Truly Mesmerizing Fun!

Hamburger bouncer is another exciting theme of moonwalk that will be the best choice for your daughter’s birthday party. This gigantic burger shaped moonwalk, due to its huge size it can easily accommodate a large number of kids and everyone will have a great time jumping.

4. Big Inflatable Combo – Bouncing Fun with Slide

This is another exciting and fascinating bounce house theme that also provides never ending fun at the party. Your kids will surely love to jump inside this inflatable combo which is attached with a fun slide that will enhance the bouncing fun. Combo inflatable with a slide will provide immeasurable entertainment for the kids and will certainly make your party a huge success.

5. Party House Bouncer – Fun Party House!

Party house moonwalk is a fascinating bounce house theme for girls. All girls will definitely enjoy bouncing around in this party house inflatable. This particular theme for an inflatable is perfect for family gatherings.

These are a few popular bounce house themes for girls that can easily be rented. There are various bounce house rentals that provide huge, stylish and colorful moonwalks that can complement with any party theme and you can easily choose from a huge variety of inflatable for your upcoming event.

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A new patio can be just the thing to spruce up your backyard so you can enjoy the evenings watching the sunset or sitting around a fire pit having a chat with old friends. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to a new patio and it’s up to you to make your dreams a reality.

Concrete Patio Ideas
Concrete is an excellent choice for your new backyard patio – it will hold up well for many years and lends itself to many great applications like stamped or colored concrete so you’re not limited to a bland gray slab of concrete in your backyard. Some great ideas for your concrete patio include:

Stained Concrete: Concrete can be stained using an acid-based staining agent that will penetrate the concrete and permanently color it in a range of earth-toned colors, allowing you to have concrete that resembles stone or wood, for instance. The advantage of staining is that it is part of the concrete and won’t fade or chip away like paint would. Staining is a bit limited in the colors that can be achieved at this point, but new techniques for staining or dying concrete are becoming more common and allow a much wider range of colors including bright colors like reds and oranges or even soft pastel colors.

Stamped Concrete: Stamped concrete (also referred to as patterned or imprinted concrete) is a great alternative to other traditional materials typically used in patio construction such as flagstones or brick pavers. It combines the durability of concrete with the ability to mimic a wide range of other materials since it can be “stamped” into patterns that very closely resemble stones, bricks or other materials as well as colored

Stenciled Concrete: Concrete can easily be stenciled with patterns to make it resemble brick, stone and other materials or you can stencil a pattern on the concrete.

Engraved Concrete: Engraved concrete is a very popular option for adding a pattern to your concrete as well – the pattern is engraved directly into the surface of the concrete and won’t chip or fade away.

Concrete Pavers: An excellent alternative to masonry pavers – concrete pavers offer the same versatile range of shapes and colors as masonry pavers but are much more durable and can be designed to resemble stone or other materials.

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Owners of lawn irrigation sprinkler systems may encounter five potential problems with their systems that require sprinkler repair. These potential problems are broken heads, stuck valves, uneven precipitation, broken pipe, and wiring problems. Some minor problems can be fixed by the owner such as broken heads or stuck valves. However, it may require a more experienced professional to fix wiring problems, uneven precipitation or broken pipes.

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads wear out over time or can be broken by mower blades or snow shovels. The quickest way to fix them is by unscrewing the stem from the canister, then screwing a new stem in its place. If you want to help avoid the new head being broken by mower blades, it is suggested that you dig a deeper hole to place it in so it will be lower than the blade. Cut a shallow square of sod around the head. Move the soil around the head. The top of the head should sit approximately one-half inch above the soil. If it’s any deeper, it will pick up debris that can damage its seal. If you place it higher, it might get struck by mower blades the next time you mow. Be sure to tamp the soil firmly so the head will not resurface over time. As with anything, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions.

Sprinkler Valves

Sprinkler repair often means checking for stuck valves. A sure sign that your sprinkler valves may be stuck is when a zone of sprinklers runs nonstop while your controller is in the off position. A small rock or other debris could be preventing the valve from fully closing. In order to fix a stuck valve, you can try to take some pressure off the diaphragm by unscrewing the solenoid. After letting some water pass through the valve, you can screw the solenoid back on. The valve should seal properly in the off position, if not, it is stuck open and you will have to remove the top. After removing the top, check for debris, you might need a pair of tweezers for small items. If your problem is not fixed and you didn’t find any debris, your diaphragm may be damaged or worn out and needs to be replaced.

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When trying to lose weight, choosing the right weight loss program can be confusing and even frustrating for most people. Of course, everyone is different and every weight loss program is unique. Choosing the right one for you is a personal choice that only comes from careful research of the many programs and diets available in the marketplace.

Some people, fortunately, are able lose weight on their own. But this is more the exception than the rule. Others are more successful when they experience the structure, accountability and support of a diet or exercise program that is supervised by a fitness professional such as a Certified Personal Trainer.

There are so many weight loss programs out there today, it can be difficult and confusing to choose the right one. If you are online like most people are these days, the list of diets and programs is endless, and the pros and cons of each are buried in hype and sales copy. So how do you choose?

First of all, finding a realistic plan that you can follow for a long period of time is crucial. A common problem in weight loss is that it is often short-term or temporary. People lose weight but cannot keep it off and continue the bouncing game of fluctuating weight gain and loss, which can slow down metabolism, decrease muscle and tone, and make it even harder to maintain or lose weight over a longer period of time.

Second, it must be a plan that incorporates both diet AND exercise. Merely changing the way you eat is not enough. And a weight loss program that includes exercise does require a commitment and will take time out of your schedule to devote to your weight loss program. It’s hard to stay on a routine when you are busy at work and caring for the kids. It doesn’t leave much time for you. But finding the time to incorporate cardiovascular exercise and resistance training is important, if you want to maintain a healthy weight loss, and preserve the muscle tone and aesthetic look of your body.

Third, it is important to make sure that you have a good support system and work with someone with a great deal of expertise in fitness and nutrition. Working with a personal trainer (and not just any trainer, but a Certified Personal Trainer with credentials, experience and references) can make all the difference in whether or not you will be successful with weight loss.

When choosing the program or the trainer, make sure the staff consists of qualified fitness professionals and health professionals such as registered dietitians, medical doctors, and exercise physiologists or personal trainers, or at least have access to those should you need them.

Whatever the program you decide it should be a slow and steady weight loss program. Don’t fall for programs offering easy, fast weight loss, because although we are seeking weight loss, the TRUE goal is not weight loss, but FAT LOSS. And a lot of programs will deliver weight loss, but at the expense of losing valuable muscle instead of fat. So seek out fat loss programs – not just weight loss programs.

Another factor to consider when choosing a program is to make sure that expectations are clear – right from the beginning. When inquiring about any commercial weight loss program, be sure you are provided with a detailed statement of fees and costs of additional items such as dietary supplements or foods. How often will you meet with a personal trainer? Will you be doing personal training 2 days a week? 3 days a week?

And how long will your personal training sessions be? 30 minute and 60 minute sessions are the norm in the personal training industry – but be sure to ask. Don’t assume that a “session” is the same everywhere. A lot of inexpensive personal training programs that are more affordable consist of 30 minute sessions, which can be an adequate amount of time to get a quality workout, if you have a well qualified and experienced personal trainer.

And if that’s what you want – great. But if you really want an entire hour long personal training session with a trainer to cover nutrition, diet and stretching, for example, be sure that what you are being sold is a full hour; not just a half hour session.

If you plan to lose more than 15 pounds to 20 pounds, have any health problems, such as diabetes, your doctor should evaluate you before you start a weight loss program. Your doctor may even suggest some specific weight loss programs that would be good for you.

Being overweight is too often viewed as a temporary problem that can be treated for a few months with a diet. But as most overweight people know, weight control must be considered a lifelong effort. To be safe and effective, any weight loss program must address the long-term approach of diet AND exercise, or else the program is largely a waste of money and effort.

To lose weight and maintain the weight loss it’s really a mindset for most. It’s a new way of thinking. Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? Think about it.

By choosing smart and working with a qualified personal trainer or other medical or health professional to guide you in your weight loss journey, you can lose weight safely, effectively, and keep it off for life.

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Managing a small business can be tough. Thousands of things must be done, and they must be done in a way that looks professional to potential customers or clients. One way to make certain tasks easier is by using the services of print shops. Below is a list of a eight different things a small business can use print shops for.

1. Business Card Printing

Some people may think business cards are obsolete in today’s digital world. This is simply not the case. A business card can create that personal, tangible connection that can be quite beneficial to starting up a new business relationship. It can also include any URLs, social media accounts and e-mails that relate to that business as well.

2. Brochure Printing

Another great way to advertise a business is with professional looking brochures. Such brochures can usually be placed inside the local tourist information center, local restaurants or other businesses free of charge. It’s one easy way to get the word out about your business.

3. Menu Printing

Menus are vitally important to any successful restaurant. While some restaurateurs may be tempted to print their own menus, the results are usually cheap and ugly looking. Instead, using print shops to produce professional menus can leave a stronger impression with customers and critics.

4. Postcard Printing

Certain businesses may want to sell merchandise. One very cheap and fun form of merchandise is a post card. If a customer buys a post card, it also means advertising for your business. The people that receive such postcards in the mail may be enticed to some day visit on their own.

5. Gift Certificate Printing

Another thing many businesses should consider purchasing from print shops is gift certificates. Gift certificates are always big money makers. This is because they are rarely all redeemed at a later point in time. This means quick profit with possibly no overhead.

6. Wall Graphic Printing

Sometimes, the walls of a business or restaurant may appear a little boring. One way to really spruce them up is with wall graphics. Wall graphics can be both colorful and attention grabbing. They can also be much more detailed than other options such as painted murals.

7. Letterhead Printing

Another way to make a small business seem much more professional is by ordering letterhead printing from a printing company. This can impress business partners and clients that receive mail from you. It can also help build the confidence of employees that work in the office.

8. Poster Printing

Lastly, another great option for using print shops is poster printing. Such posters can be placed where customers frequent. With some additional information such as an address, website URL and phone number, a single poster can produce many sales.

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Thinking about launching a Mobile App for your business? If not now, when?

Now is the time to ride this wave of opportunity.

We all know as Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to position your business to take advantage of emerging trends. Mobile Marketing is NOT in the future, it’s NOW!

Did you know that statistics show mobile consumers have their phone or mobile devices within 3 feet of them 23 hours a day? Just think about the opportunity you have before you to have YOUR business on your clients or prospects mobile device 23 hours a day / 365 days out of the year? Now that my friends is what I call OPPORTUNITY! I don’t know any other marketing medium that has the same power to instantly get the attention for your target market.

What do you think the average response or open rate is today with email marketing? Unless you have a super responsive and active list, you will only see 4% – 9% open rates within the first 24-48 hours of you pushing the send button. Mobile push or text messages are seen and opened 97% of the time within the first 4 minutes. Now that is impressive! Just think about your own mobile behavior, or heck just look around you.

Consumer expectation is that every “Brand” has an app they can download and access on their mobile device.

We are often asked the question, “Why should I have a mobile app?” Here are just a few reasons why you should have one:

  • Builds customer loyalty. Everyone likes to feel included in something special, so make customers feel like VIPs by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions just for using and downloading the app.
  • Creates a viral buzz. Encourage customers to use the mobile app to quickly tell all of their friends about the business using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, SMS, and Email.
  • Grow customer lists. A mobile app can gather names and email addresses from directly within the app and easily export them into the top email marketing campaign services to be used in additional emails.
  • Get instant feedback. Mobile apps allow customers to leave feedback on fan walls, share photos, and send comments in a variety of ways.

What is an App? An App is an application that has to be downloaded and installed on a mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. Users visit device-specific portals such as Apple’s App Store, and the Android Google Play Market in order to find and download apps for a given operating system. An app provides an interactive engagement with users and works more like a computer program than a website.

The app may pull content and data from the Internet, in similar fashion to a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.

It is expected that by mid-2012 more people will be accessing the internet on their mobile devices than on PC’s. With that in mind, it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of having one’s business or service seen properly across all the different mobile platforms otherwise you will lose business.

What better way for your business to stay in touch with your customers than with your own customized mobile application!

Do you have clients and customers that you want to communicate and stay in touch with? If so, what is the best way to do that and get responsive results? The clear choice is through Mobile Apps.

I’ve put together my top ten tips to ensure your app success:

1. Determine your Objective

Are you looking for sales, brand awareness, social media engagement or to stay in constant contact and in front of your clients and prospects?

As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners it’s easy for us to get distracted and become overwhelmed with all our responsibilities and otherwise great ideas. Be sure when developing your mobile marketing strategy that it aligns with your core message, and resonates with your viewing audience.

2. Integrate Social Sharing Features

We all know and understand the power of social engagement, and social sharing features of our information. All of your social sites can be integrated into your Mobile App which will insure and increase your brand awareness.

3. Keep Your App and its content up to date

Just as important as updating a blog, your app must be updated with relevant and engaging content. You need to keep the end user engaged, or just as quickly as they downloaded your app, they can remove it.

4. Integrate interactive and events features

Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events and specials by creating an events calendar. Whether you conduct live events or virtual events online, you will want to keep your new users engaged and in-the-know of what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and how they can participate. We are social creatures by nature, and want this information available at our fingertips..literally!

5. Create Loyalty / VIP Programs

You will want to incentivize your subscribers, and give them a reason not only to download your app, but to also keep it on their mobile device. It’s very simple to create Loyalty or VIP programs, and your clients and prospects will LOVE you for it.

6. Develop an effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s not if you build it they will come… You need to prepare your marketing plan prior to the launch of your new App in the App Stores. This will include, but is definitely not limited to:

  • Be sure to send an email notification to your subscribers with URL links to the Apple and Android (Google Play) Marketplaces. So they can download it. Don’t forget to incentivize them in some way for doing so!
  • Create QR Codes that link directly to your App (QR Codes are 2-dimensional black and white squares that contains a url or specially coded message that your phone’s camera along with QR Scanner Software will decode for you.)
  • Social Network promotions… oh this can be a great tool!!!
  • Keyword research for your App is just as important as for your website. As you build your App, or have a developer do it for you, determine what your keywords will be as well as the description for your App. These are both extremely important as they are two of the more permanent features of your App and will immediately assist you in generating new clients and leads when done correctly.

7. Create Raving Fans

It’s very important to create an opportunity for your App users to feel as though they are part of your community. Remember the Social Sharing feature? Well this is just as important. What if at your next event, you gave your App users the ability to upload their photos from the event, or even write on your App fan wall? We have seen it time and time again on Social Networks how important this is, in fact it’s a must!

8. Track your progress with in-App Analytics

You want to be sure you have a way to track the downloads of your App in the App Stores/Markets. Tracking the number of downloads is important as you prepare for future promotions, as well as revenue streams from advertising opportunities. The more downloads you have, the more valuable you are to advertising partners. This is a great way to help monetize your app!

9. YES… The Power IS in the PUSH!!!!

Here’s the most important feature of all… PUSH Notifications! This is very similar to sending out an email notification, but is much more effective. Remember you will have a 97% open rate within the first few minutes of sending it. You can send out notices immediately, or schedule them to go out on a particular day, and time you set.

The push notification will show up on a mobile device just like a text message would. These are delivered to everyone who has downloaded your app on their mobile device. They are displayed on smartphones and iPads/Tablets. The message will be displayed on the home screen of the phone or tablet literally the moment you press “Send”.

One word of caution though… Do NOT over use the Push Notification feature. This can be interpreted at SPAM, so please don’t abuse it. Treat your new App Subscribers just like you would your email list and provide value first, then create the hunger and desire for your products and services and the sales will naturally follow.

10. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once your App is completed and published in the App Stores, you will need to get busy promoting your new marketing tool! Your app will not download itself to other mobile devices, so you will need to be proactive in the marketing and promotion of your new App. Now is the time to get in front of potential clients and customers.

Enroll the help of marketing partners to promote your new App, and yes even your friends and family, and most importantly don’t forget about your existing client base. They are already your RAVING FANS!

In order for your App to be successful and provide you a great new way to market to your audience, you must be willing to follow the steps listed above.

Don’t forget the golden rule of marketing: People buy from People, and those they Know, Like and Trust! Having a mobile app for your business will help expand your “Brand!”

Isn’t it time to share your expertise and reach your mobile consumers before your competition? It’s your responsibility to make it easy for them to connect with you!

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