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If you were a typical married woman in 1965, you would have spent 32 hours a week doing household chores. Fast-forward over 50 years, where the average American (male or woman) invests just 6 hours weekly cleaning their home. For lots of households, that’s simply all the time they have to commit to cleaning.

If this seems like your scenario, it may be time to think about a professional house cleaner service. Instead of spending your evenings or weekends cleaning and mopping, you can invest time doing things you really wish to do. But before you type “house cleaner service near me” into Google, you need to know what to try to find.

Stellar Reviews & Reputation Start your search by requesting recommendations from family and pals. Which house cleaner service do they utilize? Are they happy with their work? The next finest things to personal recommendations are reviews and testimonials. Go on the internet and check Google, Yelp, the BBB, and other local evaluation sites in your area.

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Foster Janitorial – Commercial Cleaning Company
1160 Sunset Drive
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9P7

Phone  250-717-7979

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2. Excellent Interaction Abilities From the very first e-mail or call, you should feel a good connection with your home cleaner. Before you talk about quotes or schedule a walk-through, use the preliminary contact to get a feel for their organization. Kelowna Cleaning companies. Compose down a list of concerns to ask, such as: How do you set your rates (by the service, per hour, flat charge)? Is your business bonded and insured? How long have you stayed in business? Do you run background look at your workers? What cleansing items do you use (and who supplies them)? Who will come to my home, and how will they access it? What should I make with my animals? Focus on not just their answers however the method they interact.

Be sincere about your needs and listen thoroughly to the responses. What if something feels “off” or you’re simply not comfy? Trust your gut and proceed to the next business on your list. Do You Required a House Cleaning Company? Just like you would not delegate your healthcare to a random physician you discovered in the phonebook, you shouldn’t delegate your house to just any house cleaner service.

They must be bonded and insured and use a variety of cleaning company. The very best house cleaning company likewise screen and employ their workers as workers. As you’re browsing for the best home cleaner service for you, keep in mind to constantly trust your gut! If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a gleaming tidy house.

Kelowna Cleaning Companies Trending News

Cleansing Services When working with a housemaid or housekeeper, one thing to think about is whether you wish to employ a self-employed individual or a local cleaning service with a big staff. Each kind of maid service has its pros and cons. Type of Service Pros Cons Self-Employed Housekeeper Cheaper End up being familiar/comfortable with a single person More individualized service Might not be insured or bonded May not have a recent background check No supervisor to report a disappointment to Large Cleaning company Insurance coverage and bonding usually guaranteed Dependability More expensive May have multiple individuals in your home Solutions Housekeepers Deal House cleaners typically use services that fall under 3 classifications: fundamentals, add-ons and one-time jobs.