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By scheduling a visit, you are participating in a spoken contract to receive a service in exchange for payment. We consent to set aside a defined period in which to perform that service. As soon as that time is reserved, we can’t offer it to anyone else. So if you default on your reservation– we don’t get paid.

You have a certain quantity of time to cancel that booking, however after a specified point, you’re charge card will be charged for the opening night’s stay even if you don’t show up. Many high-end hair salon professionals have cancellation policies. In most cases, there is a minimum quantity of notification needed to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

If you don’t give sufficient notification, the beauty parlor expert will most likely anticipate you to pay a charge. Normally the charge will amount to the cost of the service that was scheduled. Don’t get all huffy about this. Similar to the hotel that charges you for holding that space even if you don’t reveal up– it is not our fault that you were not able to keep your end of the arrangement.

If you “forgot,” “completely spaced,” or simply plain chosen to blow us off– it is unreasonable to anticipate us to cheerfully reschedule you and take the risk that you will deny us the chance to work for a living again. Most hair salon professionals will take emergencies into consideration– I when had a client miss out on an appointment due to the fact that her other half suffered an aeortal hernia and had actually to be airlifted to Stanford University for emergency surgery …

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On the other hand, I have had customers keep in mind to call to cancel their appointments while they were IN THE EMERGENCY CLINIC awaiting emergency situation surgery! Believe me! when a 16 years of age can call her nail tech to cancel her visit due to the fact that she has had an ovarian cyst rupture and needs emergency situation surgery, it will NOT bode well for you to expect me to ignore my cancellation fee since YOU decided to shop with your sis but didn’t bother to let ME know you would not be getting your nails done.

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Possibly fancy day medspas. Potentially in home-based beauty salons and even alone in small studios. We are not (generally) situated in the mall. We are not (usually) in strip shopping centers. We do not advertise our services with faded neon-colored banners, or window decals of 1980’s design Nagel prints. You will not stumble across us accidently by walking into the salon beside your local laundromat.

You might start taking note of the nails of people you see daily. When you see somebody with truly nice nails, ask her where she has them done. Ask concerns. Are you trying to find someone who speaks English well? Are you trying to find someone who does gel nails? Who does full acrylic rather of utilizing tips? Who does nail art? ASK.

For example, Google declines to link to my own website. The ways of Google are strange and I can’t determine why it doesn’t like my website however Google will connect to several websites that have to do with me. Including this blog site. [edit 10/25/12: This blog site was initially published on Myspace in 2008.