5 Great Bounce House Themes for Girls

Nowadays, renting a bounce house has become the newest and the most admirable birthday party trend. It is fairly a cheap and fun option to rent a huge inflatable bouncer for all events especially for kids’ birthday celebrations, family get-togethers or graduation parties. Moonwalks bring more entertainment and excitement to the party and can keep everyone busy by providing nonstop bouncing fun. Bounce house rentals come in a wide variety of stylish themes for both boys and girls. This article will help you in selecting the most exciting and stylish moon walks themes for girls.

1. Princess Castle – A Fascinating Moonwalk Theme!

Princess castle moonwalk is a very popular theme among all girls as it not only fascinates your little princess but it also attracts all your party visitors. The princess bouncy castle is especially designed to create a magical place for kids and keeps them entertained throughout the party. Princess bouncing castles are the perfect choice for an exciting outdoor activity for your little princess.

2. Birthday Cake Moonwalk – A Perfect Bouncing Fun!

Numerous bounce house rental companies provide various moonwalks in different sizes and shapes including birthday cake inflatable which will surely be a fun part of your daughter’s birthday party. Birthday cake moonwalk is available with a slide which will double the bouncing fun and provide unlimited entertainment at the party.

3. Hamburger Bouncer – Truly Mesmerizing Fun!

Hamburger bouncer is another exciting theme of moonwalk that will be the best choice for your daughter’s birthday party. This gigantic burger shaped moonwalk, due to its huge size it can easily accommodate a large number of kids and everyone will have a great time jumping.

4. Big Inflatable Combo – Bouncing Fun with Slide

This is another exciting and fascinating bounce house theme that also provides never ending fun at the party. Your kids will surely love to jump inside this inflatable combo which is attached with a fun slide that will enhance the bouncing fun. Combo inflatable with a slide will provide immeasurable entertainment for the kids and will certainly make your party a huge success.

5. Party House Bouncer – Fun Party House!

Party house moonwalk is a fascinating bounce house theme for girls. All girls will definitely enjoy bouncing around in this party house inflatable. This particular theme for an inflatable is perfect for family gatherings.

These are a few popular bounce house themes for girls that can easily be rented. There are various bounce house rentals that provide huge, stylish and colorful moonwalks that can complement with any party theme and you can easily choose from a huge variety of inflatable for your upcoming event.

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