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HL = heated length = 11. 5 in. Watt density = 1,000/ 3. 14 x 0. 5 x 11. 5 = 55 W/In 2 The calculation of overall heat requirements for an application. As soon as overall heat requirements are developed, the amount, size and rating of cartridge heaters can be chosen.

The sensing unit for the temperature level control need to be placed near the working surface area for accurate control. After the wattage for each heating system has actually been established, the watt density and fit need to be determined. Then, utilize Chart G-235 to be sure that the watt density is within permitted limitations. For example, a 1/2 x 12″ CIR heater ranked 1000 watts has a watt density of 55 W/in 2.

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01″, the allowed watt density from the chart would be 90 W/in 2. Therefore, the real watt density of 55 W/in 2 is well below the optimum enabled. A considerable safety margin would exist and high dependability can be expected. If the heater chosen had a watt density higher than that allowed by the graph, think about the following modifications.

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Utilizing longer or larger size heaters. Improving the fit. Reducing heat requirements by decreasing heat losses or by permitting longer heat-up time. This graph is useful for picking Type CIR cartridge heaters. The curves need to be considered as guides and not accurate limitations. The chart is based on a 1600F resistance wire temperature inside the cartridge heating system, when the heating system is set up in an oxidized mild steel block.

Contact your Local Chromalox Sales workplace. The challenge to Chromalox engineers was to develop a cartridge heating system that would out carry out any brand cartridge heater under any given set of conditions, and to guarantee that the consumer gets and continues to receive the most heating system efficiency and life possible for his financial investment.

Its high performance qualities have actually been proven, not just in the laboratory, but also on Consumers’ devices on selected issue applications, at 1500F and greater running temperatures. For medium and low watt density applications. The tightly compacted refractory insulation supplies outstanding heat transfer to the heavy wall stainless steel sheath.

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This durable building also offers high dielectric strength along with shock and vibration resistance required for many commercial applications. Utilized to wrench-tighten bolts or studs to “shrink fit” tightness. Edison screw base installs in basic porcelain lamp socket to heat very small spaces. Max. Work Model Applications Temp. (F) Watts Measurements (In.) Length Dia.

Terminal Life (F) Type Score Page CIR Molds, Passes Away, Platens, Hot Plates, Sealing 1400 75 – 5,000 1-1/4 – 48 1/4 -3/ 4 INCOLOY 1500 Swaged Leads Superior A-102 SST QST Molds, Passes Away Platens, Pushes 1400 Variable 5-120 3/8 -1 INCOLOY 1600 Flexible Leads Standard A-111 C-LD, C-HD, C-DE Aluminum Extrusion Passes Away, Container Heaters 600 450 – 1,750 8-25 15/16 -1 -19/ 64 Stainless Steel and Brass 750 Bolt Standard A-107A-108 MZ Hot Press Metal Forming, Zone Control 1800 Variable 18-180.

685. 935 INCONEL 600 2000 Plug Standard A-109 CBH1 Shrink Tightening Up 1200 1,150 – 11,500 18-60. 553-1. 106 Steel 1600 Standard Octagon Box with Deal With Standard A-115 SCB Closet and Control Cabinet Space Heating 600 50 – 200 4-3/4 1-3/8 Brass 1000 Edison Screw Base (light bulb socket) Standard A-113 HTRC Heat Transfer and Launch Coating A-101 Not UL Recognized or CSA Qualified.